Rule 1:    All contestants speak about the same topic for between one and a half to two and a half minutes. 

Rule 2:    The topic must be of a general nature and must not require detailed or expert knowlege. 

Rule 3:    The Contest Chairperson will introduce each speaker in the competition before the competitions starts.

Rule 4:    For each semi-final, there will be a timekeeper, three judges and a tie-breaker judge.

Rule 5:    For the final, there will be a timekeeper, ten judges (each from a different school as far as is practical)                                                                      and a tie-break judge.

Rule 6:    Before the contest, the Contest Chairperson will brief the contestants, the timekeeper, the judges and the                                                              tie-break judge on the rules of the contest. 

Rule 7:    Before the contest, the contestants will hold a lottery to decide the speaking order.

Rule 8:    If amplification is necessary, the contestants must follow the procedures set down on the day. 

Rule 9:     When the contest begins, all contestants, except the first, will leave the room. They are brought to a waiting                                                         room somewhere away from the competition venue where they cannot hear the first speech being made.

Rule 10:    Once all competitors are outside, the topic is then read to the first contestant, who will speak for between one                                                    and a half to two and a half minutes on that topic.

    Rule 11:    The timekeeper will begin timing with the first word.

    Rule 12:   A green signal will be displayed when the contestant reaches one minute, a yellow signal at one and a half                                                            minutes and a red signal at two minutes (indicating that only 30 seconds remain before disqualification). 

    Rule 13:   After each contestant finishes their speech, there will be one minute of silence between contestants, during                                                         which the Judges will mark their forms (Judging_Form.pdf). 

    Rule 14:   After each speaker finishes a speech, the speaker can remain in the room to hear the remaining speeches.  

    Rule 15:   Any contestant who speaks for less than one and a half minutes is disqualified.

    Rule 16:   Any contestant who speaks for more than two and a half minutes is disqualified.