1. Birthdays

2. The Year 2030

3. Space Travel

4. Nothing is Impossible

5. Dogs

6. Cats

7. Exams

8. If I were a Dictator

9. Mobile Phones

10. Football

11. The Environment

12. Politicians

13.  Cloning

14.  Is tourism a good or a bad thing?

15.  The Importance of Sport

16.  TV does more harm than good

17.    The United Nations no longer lives up to its ideals

18.    Do prisons serve a useful purpose in our society?

19.    Which country has the best way of life?

20.    Should all nuclear weapons be abolished?

21.   Is fashion important?

22.   Is the death penalty justifiable?

23.   Zoos - Good or bad?

24.   Is our time on earth coming to a close?

25.   Should we tax the rich more than the poor?

26.   Should we be forced to do voluntary work?

27.   Do footballers get paid too much?

28.   Beauty or knowledge, which one would you choose?

29.   Should Animals Be Used for Scientific Experimentation?

30.   Coffee or tea?

31.   Dogs or cats?

32.   What makes a good person?

33.   Homework

34.   The Ozone Layer

35.   Electro Magnetic Fields

36.   The Global Crisis

37.   What is the best birthday celebration you have ever had?

38.   The best movie you ever saw

39.   What was something that made you laugh until you cried?

40.   If you could have one superhuman ability, what would it be and why?

41.   What will the world be like in a hundred years time?

42.   What are the best foods in your country?

43.   Why I would/would not travel to Mars

44.   Who were the best leaders the world has ever known?

45.   Is honesty the best policy?

46.   If you had to move to another city, where would you go and why?

47.   Fruit

48.   Money

49.   Travel 

50.   Success