Every day, we speak to each other without preparing what we are going to say - we speak on the telephone, we chat with people and we express opinions.  Developing our skills of impromptu speaking is all about developing the skill to present ideas clearly in any situation. 

One very useful tip for those of you who want to try this competition is when you get your topic, select a strategy for your speech - here are some strategy ideas:

1. Express an opinion about the subject and then justify it. 

2. Pros and cons - why not discuss the advantages or disadvantages of the topic and present a balanced conclusion?

3. Talk about different definitions and select the one you agree with most.

4. Maybe a story form your life connects perfectly with the topic (e.g. a great holiday)

5. Maybe there's a story in the news or a story you heard from a friend that connects perfectly with the topic. 

6. Break the topic up into three sections (e.g. past/present/future; Christmas/Easter/Summer; Champion's League/Olympics/Rugby World Cup)


1. Be confident. Remind yourself that pausing is okay and restating the question at the beginning will help you steady your response. 

2. Be interesting. It is easy to begin repeating statements or backtracking. Keep moving forwards. 

3. Be relaxed. You are there to learn.  

Best of luck!