• Complete basic research template to know basic points about your country
  • Choose your favourite issue on the agenda for your committee and prepare a resolution on that (from the point of view of your country) - all information needed to help  create a resolution is here and you also have a research link with lots of useful resources
  • Write a policy statement on your committee's second issue (again your focus is proposing solutions to problems that work from the point of view of your country) - these are your research notes to help debate this issue in the committee debates - details about how to prepare a policy statement are here.
  • Every student will be asked to make a short opening speech for their country (one minute approximately) - information about how to prepare your speech is here - there are lot of examples on YouTube if you want to watch a few opening speeches to get the idea about what's required  - your opening speech will be made at the start of the first session in your committee room.
  • Time to look over the procedure for the debate - this is really important - Model United Nations debates have specific conventions which must be followed - in other words, there is a vocabulary you need to know - learn all about it here.  
  •  You need to be familiar with how to use amendment paper and note paper during the debate - each student should print about 5 pages of amendment paper and 5 pages of notepaper for the conference (amendment paper and note paper for every country is available below) - remember to cut pages in half because there are two forms per page
  • The dress code for the role play is formal - find out about it at here.
  • The agenda for the day is here - don't forget to get to the conference early and get to know the venue.
  • Read through this website to gain more knowledge about the conference and how it works


  1. Australia_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  2. Brazil_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  3. Canada_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  4. China_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  5. DPRK_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  6. Ethiopia_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  7. France_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  8. Germany_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  9. Greece_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  10. Hungary_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  11. India_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  12. Iran_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  13. Ireland_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  14. Israel_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  15. Italy_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  16. Japan_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  17. Kingdom_of_Saudi_Arabia_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  18. Nigeria_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  19. Pakistan_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  20. Palestine_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  21. Republic_of_Korea__Amendment_Paper.pdf
  22. Russian_Federation_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  23. Sweden_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  24. UK_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  25. US_Amendment_Paper.pdf


  1. Australia_Note_Paper.pdf
  2. Brazil_Note_Paper.pdf
  3. Canada_Note_Paper.pdf
  4. China_Note_Paper.pdf
  5. DPRK_Note_Paper.pdf
  6. Ethiopia_Note_Paper.pdf
  7. France_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  8. Germny_Note_Paper.pdf
  9. Greece_Note_Paper.pdf
  10. Hungary_Note_Paper.pdf
  11. India_Note_Paper.pdf
  12. Iran_Note_Paper.pdf
  13. Ireland_Note_Paper.pdf
  14. Israel_Note_Paper.pdf
  15. Italy_Note_Paper.pdf
  16. Japan_Note_Paper.pdf
  17. Kingdom_of_Saudi_Arabia_Note_Paper.pdf
  18. Nigeria_Note_Paper.pdf
  19. Pakistan_Note_Paper.pdf
  20. Palestine_Note_Paper.pdf
  21. Republic_of_Korea_Note_Paper.pdf
  22. Russian_Federation_Note_Paper.pdf
  23. Sweden_Note_Paper.pdf
  24. United_Kingdom_Note_Paper.pdf
  25. United_States_Note_Paper.pdf