Writing notes allows you to communicate with other delegates, helps you form alliances and work on resolutions. Use them wisely and effectively. 

1. Use your notes for positive reasons - never to put down someone’s policy or to say that someone is incorrect about something. Notes exist to make allies, not enemies, and writing negative notes can ruin the whole diplomatic concept of Model UN. 

2. It’s perfectly fine to ask questions about something someone said in committee, as long as you don’t write it sarcastically or with an ill-mannered tone. It’s even alright to politely write that you disagree with something, as long as you provide some sort of middle ground where you can meet. Do not send notes just to point out problems, always make sure you include a solution.

3. Keep it short: You do not want note writing to become a huge distraction from the actual debate. The goal of a note is not to be for casual conversation.  Write your note as quickly as possible and resume participation in debate.

4. Be professional: you are expected to bring your own notepaper  with your country flag on it (sample note paper below) - make your note paper look professional - write in print to make it more legible.

5. Keep your notes appropriate: This is really important - inappropriate notes can make the quality of the work of the whole committee suffer. Notes should be solely about the debate in committee - administration staff and teachers will screen notes to ensure that  there are no inappropriate notes or notes completely unrelated to committee. 

6. Innappropriate notes will either be binned or put in a gossip box. 

Sample note paper: Note_Paper-1.pdf


  1. Australia_Note_Paper.pdf
  2. Brazil_Note_Paper.pdf
  3. Canada_Note_Paper.pdf
  4. China_Note_Paper.pdf
  5. DPRK_Note_Paper.pdf
  6. Ethiopia_Note_Paper.pdf
  7. France_Amendment_Paper.pdf
  8. Germny_Note_Paper.pdf
  9. Greece_Note_Paper.pdf
  10. Hungary_Note_Paper.pdf
  11. India_Note_Paper.pdf
  12. Iran_Note_Paper.pdf
  13. Ireland_Note_Paper.pdf
  14. Israel_Note_Paper.pdf
  15. Italy_Note_Paper.pdf
  16. Japan_Note_Paper.pdf
  17. Kingdom_of_Saudi_Arabia_Note_Paper.pdf
  18. Nigeria_Note_Paper.pdf
  19. Pakistan_Note_Paper.pdf
  20. Palestine_Note_Paper.pdf
  21. Republicof_Korea_Note_Paper.pdf
  22. Russian_Federation_Note_Paper.pdf
  23. Sweden_Note_Paper.pdf
  24. United_Kingdom_Note_Paper.pdf
  25. United_States_Note_Paper.pdf