WICKMUN is committed to keeping the costs to a minimum. However, we also want you to have as authentic a conference experience as possible, so the objective has been to find a balance which helps us achieve these two goals. 

For the conference, we will hire a conference venue for days one and four when we need to have general assemblies - we also purchase stationary required to make the conference as authentic as possible (e.g. infoormation booklets, placards, identity badges etc...) and organise the printing of a daily newspaper. There is an option for a social event half way through the conference though there is a limit in relation to numbers for that, so places will be allocated to those who book them first.

Therefore, the main costs in running this conference are (1) Venue; (2) Stationary; (3) Printing; (4) Prizes; (5) lunch 

The cost for per student will be €0 per student - lunch not included