Each room will have a chair and a deputy-chair assigned to run the debate. They will be involved in the process of passing resolutions and ultimately they will select what resolutions will be discussed and in what order. The chair team are essential in allowing the debate to progress smoothly and in ensuring that everybody is participating in quality discussions. 

Chair Procedure

  1. Call delegates to order
  2. Roll call by country at the start of each day (to check if the delegates are present and willing to vote)
  3. Ask for resolutions on the first day – one country will be asked to open the primary speakers list
  4. Vote on this motion (procedural vote – simple majority needed 50% + 1)
  5. Ask who wants to be on this list (raise your placards now if you want to be placed on this list)
  6. Create a list and priority goes to the delegate who first motioned
  7. Ask for motions to set the speaking time
  8. Ask some countries for their opening addresses
  9. Note the first topic to be discussed and look for two speakers for and against

Sample Debate Script: MUN_Debate_Procedure_Script.pdf