• With a Press Team in operation at Wicklow MUN, participants will be photographed and filmed during the conference
  • Photographs may appear in the daily newspaper
  • A highlights video of the conference will be made along with other video productions
  • We would like to showcase Wicklow MUN activities and achievements by publishing photographs and videos of the conference
  • We are aware that there is a general public concern regarding online privacy 

We will operate the following policy: 

  • student names will not be attached to any images;
  • videos will not be tagged; 
  • comments on videos will be withheld until approved by the account administrator - any comments mentioning names will not be published;
  • We will publish this policy widely before the conference and if anyone wants to opt out of photographs and films, they can inform our press team;
  • Eveyone will have to sign a consent form to ensure that permission has been obtained. 

If you have any questions regarding this policy or any images or videos, please contact us